10 tips for successful betting and minimize losses Part 2

6) Pay attention to statistics

Here again, the details are worth gold. Be sure to find out how a particular team in the season leads at home, outdoors, players who often shoot goals, how often a team plays shorthanded and the like. The more information you have, the more detailed the image, you can do it.

7) Watch out players who are currently injured

If your team will have a full infirmary, hardly will win. So you have to pay attention to the current health of the players. If a team missing some key players, the level of his game will go down. Overview of the current injured players, see Injured players.

8) Watch new signings individual teams

Follow the movements of individual players into teams is very important. If the team comes a new star, can elevate the game the team to a completely new level. However, neither expensive transfer is no guarantee of success. Especially in football happening today extremely expensive transfers of players who your employer does not always pay off (see. The arrival of Fernando Torres to Chelsea for £ 50 million).

9) Do not be afraid to ask the advice of more experienced

If you have a crisis fell into despair, do not be afraid to ask for advice from a more experienced punter. Punters can be found on the internet the whole range. For example, you can use our forum.

10) Define a betting budget that subsequently split into smaller parts

You have to define a betting amount. But it does not stop. You can not bet your entire budget on one ticket. On one ticket you should bet only a portion of their money. Example you can take the example of a poker bankroll.

10 tips for successful betting and minimize losses

You will not always succeed. There will be days when you will win and will also be days when you lose. Losses are inevitable, but you can do something to ensure that you minimize them. Below are some tips on how to do it.

1) Choose your sport

Each of us has a favorite sport. Someone is unrepentant fan of football and sometimes he loves basketball. The important thing is to realize that sport is closest to you (most understand it) and then holding it. Much large percentage of bettors beginners start betting on sports, which is not much of a survey, which is bad. Bet on these sports can, but it should be a really small amount. Remember that if the sport a lot of you know, you have a much better chance of success.

2) Become an expert on your favorite team

If you have already selected some their particular sport, it will certainly have their favorite team on which you prefer to bet. If you’re right in that, the process is very clear – Become an expert on your team. Watch his playing style, key players, background and other factors. You will be able to better estimate the chances of the team against an opponent.

3) Learn something about the opponent team that bet

For knowledge of their own team’s end. You have to know who your team is facing. Only then you will be able to objectively compare the odds of each team and select the correct tip. If the opponent is too strong, you should not bet against him.

4) Create a financial threshold

You need to know when they lose too much money. In other words – you have to determine the financial threshold. For example, you can say that for a calendar month to postpone planting can CZK 1,000. If you lose this money, you will not have to bet in a given month. This system, you should really keep conscientiously, otherwise you could lose a large sum of money. If you think that the betting become addicted, you should take the necessary steps – more information can be found in our test you pathologic player? and Article Preventing addiction.

5) Kuyto while the iron is hot, but not burn

You get into situations where you will build one coupon at a time. Do head gets euphoria and someone also fear. Neither one of you should not let herself. Bet away by their principles. You must not fail excessive euphoria, because you could do wrong (poorly thought out) step. But you also fail fear of that if you continue, you will lose everything again.

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